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10 Symptoms of Liver Disease

10 Symptoms of liver disease

10 Symptoms of Liver Disease

Your liver is a vital organ, for many reasons; but mostly because everything you eat or drink requires your liver to aide in its digestion. If you take a pill,; if you have a cup of coffee, eat a cake etc., your liver breaks it down.

So everything you consume puts your liver to work within minutes; a pretty important organ for sure. Only weighing in at a few pounds, it can make or break your overall health if not properly maintained.Take it as a warning sign if you start to experience any of the following as a sign of liver damage. If you are feeling any of these symptoms then be sure to read our, How to Clean Your Liver section.

1. Tired

Everyone experiences fatigue at some point, but feeling tired as a result of liver disease is a different type of tired. The liver can suppress your energy and make it very difficult to complete your day. Sugary drinks loaded with caffeine can only worsen your liver symptoms; stick to water, fruits, and healthy proteins to get your energy back.

2. Platelets

Platelets are little particles inside your blood that you need to prevent you from bleeding to death. Most liver patients are often identified by their blood work in a hospital; having low platelets can help your doctor link your liver disease to your other listed symptoms. If you are scheduled for surgery, you will need to wait until your platelets get back to a healthy count as internal bleeding can arise otherwise.

You desperately need your liver to live a long, healthy life. If you begin to notice any of the symptoms for liver disease, please speak with your physician at once to get it treated as soon as possible.


3. Nausea

The feeling that you have to vomit is not welcomed by everyone, and those suffering from liver sickness experience it often. Fortunately, there are some great solutions to aide in curing your nausea as seen here:

10 Symptoms Of Liver Disease These ginger candy type nausea relief sweets really help when you are feeling like you want to vomit.

Or try these great wristbands that stop you feeling nauseous, put them on in the morning and you will not feel like vomiting all day.10 Symptoms Of Liver Disease

4. Edema

This is when your body begins to swell in parts, and is fairly common in the legs. Always keep your legs elevated if you are prone to this, and wear medical stockings to prevent it from developing in the first place. Try walking for twenty minutes a day as well to get your blood flowing on a regular basis.


5. Jaundice

Most refer to jaundice as a condition that newborn babies suffer from where their skin turns yellow and the baby has to sit with a lamp for hours that decreases their jaundice. In adults, it is typically as a result of something being wrong inside the liver. It can begin as if the skin is turning tan at first, then over hours or days it can develop into a yellow or even orange shade.


6. Bruising Easily

Patients with various liver ailments tend to also develop blood disorders. Bleeding with ease, or starting to bruise on the skin for no apparent reason are common. If you begin to see this occurring and can’t recall any justifications for bruises appearing on your skin, seek the advice of your medical team at once.


7. Swollen Spleen

Most adults probably don’t think about their spleens on a daily, or even annual basis but you would if liver disease was starting to settle in. The spleen is inside the upper abdomen, but hard to think about without seeing a picture of a human internally. It can cause pain or dullness in the upper stomach area, as well as in the back parallel with the ribs.


8. Stomach Pains

Of course, when an organ in your abdomen is off kilter the patient will feel pain in the stomach as a whole. Liver pain can be very sharp, even feel as if a stabbing pain is ensuing. It can also be your pancreas as many patients confuse the two until advised what their pain was by a physician.


9. Diarrhea

Typically when something is wrong inside your digestive system, diarrhea can be one of the first indicators to alert you. Stay hydrated with lots of fluids, and use over the counter medications to help control the diarrhea episodes to get you through the day.


10. Loss of Appetite

If your stomach hurts and is a distraction most of your day, food will be the last thing on your mind. It is no surprise that many liver patients suffer from weight loss and loss of appetite before, during, and after their treatments.

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