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Liver Cleansing Pills and Liver Detox Tea

Liver Cleanse Pills

Liver Cleanse Pills

Back when I was really ill, and looking for some kind of hope, I was willing to try any kind of liver cleansing diet, or liver detox diet, or liver supplements, well just about anything to help my liver and I recover.

I started taking Himalaya LiverCare/Liv.52  to see if liver cleansing pills would make any difference. To my surprise, they did. Now I am very skeptical about “magic” pills but these ones really did make me feel like I was detoxing, and all the badness inside was coming out.

Liver Detox Tea

Now I was drinking quite a bit of liver cleansing tea  and taken together I did start to feel better.

My doctor (the good and trusted one) is very skeptical about anything he does not prescribe, but even he could not account for the new and better blood test results.

Now when I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, I stopped drinking alcohol straight away. And I have not had a drop since. Even though it turns out that the cause of my health issues were not alcohol related, but I am sure the fine malt whisky did not help.

So for a real liver detox, just stop drinking, or at least take a long break from alcohol, and If I am brutally honest I do not miss it at all. Except sometimes on a hot day (I live in the tropics, so every day is a hot day) when I am watching football (soccer) on TV I quite fancy a little glass of ice cold beer.

But I do treat myself to an OK tasting German 0% alcohol malt drink, it nearly tastes like beer, so I can put up with the compromise.

Although I do wonder why 0% alcohol beer is more expensive than full alcohol beer, I mean they take the alcohol out and charge me more, I will never understand that….


To read more about my previous “bad doctor” go here.

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