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Care For Your Health – Care For Your liver

The liver acts, along with many other functions, as one of the main detoxification organs in the body. It works hard, every minute of every day filtering toxins and converting it to safe waste to be excreted from the body, passing it out through the digestive system.

When the liver becomes clogged, toxic and sluggish it’s unable to fulfill its myriad of duties as well as it should. The liver is responsible for around 500 functions, including processing nutrients, the synthesis and secretion of hormones, digesting fats, storing essential vitamins and minerals, cleaning the blood and more. So when your liver health becomes compromised, it should come as no surprise that your overall health and well-being will deteriorate alongside it.

The liver is often ignored, even by sick people. It seems common to adopt the attitude that the liver is fully autonomous and will take care if itself; we don’t need to intervene. But when we have lived liver offensive lifestyles, gorged on the standard American diet, or dealt with an overgrowth of candida, parasites, Lyme, excessive stress or hormone imbalances, the liver gets overwhelmed, becoming toxic, clogged and stagnant.

Cleansing and regenerating the liver brings abundant health, physical and emotional well-being.

The purpose of this blog is to share useful information on liver heath and practical paths of healing to put into practice.

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