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How To Do A Coffee Enema – Recipe & Instructions

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Coffee enemas are a powerful liver detoxification tool, one of the more effective methods of detoxing the liver. They work great in combination with other treatments and forms of detoxification.

There is often some puzzlement as to how a coffee enema will detox the liver if it is held only in the sigmoid colon. Coffee enemas are low volume and not intended to reach high into the bowels. When a coffee enema is administered, the caffeine is absorbed into the enterohepatic system, which connects the liver with the colon. This stimulates the liver, putting the liver into detoxification hyper drive and causing the bile ducts to flush out bile. The caffeine in the enema, stimulates the liver into producing

glutathione-S-transferase, this enzyme clears the detoxification pathways of the liver.

Instructions For Doing A Coffee Enema

You can pretty much use any type of coffee bean, but it must be organic. Both Robusta and Arabica are suitable to use, keep in mind Robusta is stronger than Arabica.

You will need either an enema bucket or an enema bag, either is fine.

The amount of ground coffee you should use for a coffee enema depends on a lot of factors. If your liver is quite toxic, you will experience greater detox reactions.

When you do a coffee enema the liver goes into hyper detoxification mode, releasing unwanted toxins back into the digestive system, this can result in symptoms such as nausea, headaches, brain fog, mood swings and more. So it’s advisable to start with just a teaspoon or two. You can see how you feel with that amount and adjust it accordingly and eventually increase it to 2 tablespoons.

When I first started coffee enemas, I could only handle a teaspoon, anything more would hit me hard with heavy detox symptoms. So just start slow and pay attention to how you feel after the coffee enema.

Next step is to boil one quart of water and add around the ground coffee beans.

Allow the coffee to cool down, then pour the coffee through a strainer. Pour the filtered coffee into the enema.

Don’t hang the enema too high above the ground, 2-3 feet above the ground is a good height.  

Now lay on your back, insert the enema, open the valve and let the coffee in. Retain the enema for 10-20 minutes.  

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Coffee Enemas

  • If you haven’t yet had a bowel movement, take a quick plain water enema first. This will clean out the bowels and allow for a mire effective coffee enema.
  • Before doing a coffee enema, eat a small meal, this will minimize a lot of the caffeine effects you night experience from the coffee.
  • Lubricate the enema tip with a small amount if lubricant, I use olive oil, coconut oil is good too.
  • Remove all air from the enema bag and tube. After filling the enema bag, release the valve and allow the coffee to reach the tip, then close the valve.
  • If the coffee from the enema causes you to feel jittery, simply reduce the amount if coffee you take in am enema or reduce the amount if time you hold the enema for.
  • Adding a teaspoon of black molasses into the coffee makes it easier to retain the enema.


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