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The Complete Liver Cleanse Guide

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The liver is an amazing organ, it’s the top dog of digestion, is one of the main organs responsible for detoxifying our bodies and deserves our undying love and respect.

When your liver is clogged and unhealthy, you will experience dense emotions such as anger and frustration. In Chinese medicine, the liver is recognised as the base of emotions, restoring liver health will restore the healthy flow of emotions and energy.

Liver cleansing is a powerful path of healing, which transforms the lives of those who are disciplined enough to follow the necessary steps of liver healing. It has played a crucial role in my recovery from systemic candida and parasite infections.

It’s important to note, that if your liver is very toxic, you may experience some healing reactions throughout this process, particularly that of the emotions. You may feel bouts of sadness and anger, but this is a normal part of the healing journey.

Below is a summary of the full cleansing detox:

1. Support and Detoxify Your Liver With Supplements and Herbs

Throughout a liver cleanse, it’s important to support your liver with herbs and supplements. Not only do they protect your liver and improve overall function, they also help in boosting the liver’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle protects the liver and aids in normal liver function, you can feel the benefits very quickly. It’s safe to use milk thistle for up to 3 months at a time.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

ALA is a powerful antioxidant, which helps in reducing liver fibrosis and regenerating liver cells.

B Vitamins

Vitamin B plays an important role in protein and fat metabolism, as well as synthesis and repair of DNA. They are not stored well by the body, so low dose supplementation of B vitamins is useful during your liver cleansing.


Dandelion is a diuretic and great for supporting the liver while doing a liver cleanse. Dandelion tea is very robust with a coffee like flavor and I would highly recommend it.

Chanca Piedra

This is my personal favorite liver detoxing herb, it sure does pack a punch! Chance Piedra is a very powerful herb found in South America and South East Asia. It’s earnt the name ‘Stone Crusher’ for a reason, chanca piedra can soften and crush liver stones, as well as decongest the liver. It’s perfect to take along with Apple cider vinegar, in preparation for a liver flush.

2. Modified Diet

You can’t heal your liver on a deep fried, fast food diet, it requires a change of mindset and adapting a new lifestyle.

Stay away from alcohol, fried foods, sugar, excess salt and red meat.

Here’s a few things to include in your liver cleansing diet:


Garlic helps to activate liver enzymes which aid in detoxification, it is also a parasites worst enemy.

Fatty Fish

Rich in Omega acids, fatty fish helps to reduce inflammation.

Plant Foods

A diet blessed with plenty of plant foods is best for a liver detox diet, including:

Carrots, avocado, papaya, banana, greens such as spinach and kale, lemon , watermelon, broccoli, cauliflower

3. Cleanse Parasites

Before you start a liver flush, you should do a parasite cleanse first. Liver flushing with liver full of parasites is nowhere near as effective, you won’t pass as many (if any) stones and ridding the body of parasites is pivotal for restoring your health.

There are conflicting opinions on this matter; Andreas Moritz believed killing parasites is not worth it, considering the toxic load they leave behind. Personally, I had a liver fluke infection and killing the parasites was crucial in my recovery.

4. Flush and Detoxify Your Liver

The liver makes around 1 quart of bile per day, which is funnelled through biliary tubes and brought to the common bile duct. As well as bile in the liver, the gallbladder is essentially a small reserve of bile on standby for digestion to occur. When fats are consumed, the liver and gallbladder get the signal to release a load of bile, in order to aid in digestion.

A liver flush takes advantage of this function in order to cleanse the liver and gallbladder of stones and toxins.  

The liver flush cleanse procedure begins with preparation. Drinking apple cider vinegar and taking some other herbs (such as chanca pieces) for a couple weeks prior to the flush, will help soften stones and decongest the liver.

On the day of the flush, a tablespoon of Epsom salts is taken twice, in order to dilate the bile ducts, allowing for stones to pass through more easily. Follower by a mixture of oil and lemon. The liver and gallbladder get the signal and the extremely fatty beverage tricks the liver into flushing out more bile than usual, resulting in a torrent of bile being expelled from the liver and gallbladder. This torrent of bile ejects liver and gallbladder stones, as well as liver congestion.

It’s recommended to wait 2-3 weeks between each flush, as a liver flush is not a gentle procedure and time should be allowed for the liver to recuperate before the next one.

I can’t stress enough how powerful this procedure is, and there are many others who have healed their ailments with the help of liver flushing.


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5. Colon Cleanse Before and After a Liver Flush

It must be stressed how important it is to cleanse the colon, both before and after a liver flush, as well as colon cleansing during any other form of liver detoxification. This can often be overlooked, but is a crucial step in the liver cleansing protocol.

The colon and liver have a sort of communication system. In order for the liver and gallbladder to know when to release bile to aid digestion, the colon is lined with reflex points which send signals to the liver and gallbladder. If the colon is blocked up and congested, the colon will essentially signal to the liver and gallbladder to not release bile, a kindly reminder that the body is not ready for more food.

If you omit this step and flush the liver without colon cleansing first, liver stones and toxins can get stuck in your digestive track post flush, causing toxemia.

Cleansing the colon after a liver flush is even more important. The function of

Liver flushing is a mechanical action; flushing the liver of stones, toxins and parasites. These are dumped into the digestive system, to be expelled from the body. Without following a liver flush with a colon cleanse, you risk toxemia. The toxic load, if not removed, will circulate through the blood stream; causing toxic systems and re-entering and stressing the liver.

6. Coffee Enemas

The thought of putting coffee, uh, in the opposite end, is something that can easily gross people out. But coffee enemas are miraculous for detoxifying and can be a true life saver. The benefits and relief I have seen through coffee enemas have been profound.

When you are fighting parasites, candida or Lyme, the liver can become overburdened with a toxic load; unable to flush out the toxins fast enough on its own.

Coffee enemas rapidly boost liver detoxification, stimulating detoxification enzymes and dilate the bile ducts, resulting in a sort of mini liver flush.

The amount of coffee enemas you should do, really depends on how toxic you are… As you go through healing path you will become very intuitive to this. Generally 1 or 2 coffee enemas per week is plenty, but if you are dealing with a huge toxic load it could be more.

Be sure to replenish electrolytes, as they are depleted through coffee enemas.

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